8 pack Brick Paver Light Kit

The original Paver Light!  Brick shaped units work perfectly with both concrete and clay pavers.  Three nominal 4 x 8 sizes are available and compatible with many paver manufacturers’ products.  We also offer a commercial version that is made for commercial applications.

Brick paver lights can be used in patios, walkways, pool decks and driveways.  Their rugged reinforced design can withstand the load of a passenger car or light commercial vehicle.  The light lens can be removed quickly and easily for fast bulb replacement.

Brick Paver Lights are available in 8 or 14 Light Kits which includes light fixtures with bulbs, low voltage transformer, low-voltage cable, solderless connectors, hold down clips and installation instructions.  Also available in boxes of 10 complete light fixtures and bulbs only.  Most kits and boxes of 10 lights come with 4 watt bulbs however we do offer boxes of 10 with 7 watt bulbs as well.

All Brick Paver Lenses are available in Colors to Match Your Brick!

  • Casino Paver Light - standard lens

    4 1/2  x  7 Casino Brick Paver Lights
  • BC Paver Light - standard lens

    4 1/2  x  9  BC Brick Paver Lights
  • 4 X8 Brick Paver Light - standard

    4 x 8 Brick Paver Lights
  • 4 x 8 Commercial Brick Paver Light

    4 x 8 Commercial Brick Paver Lights

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