Blue rhino

Blue Rhino is America’s #1 Brand of Propane Tank Exchange. Consumers love it.

It is easy: you don’t need a special tank to trade in. All you need is a standard gas grill tank in acceptable condition. Or, you can get a Blue Rhino without a tank to trade in.
All you have to do is Just Drop, Swap, & Go®.

You walk away with a tank that you own with pride. Your tank – this is not a rental, deposit, or lease program – will be fresh and ready-to-use.

Take a Rhino Home & Save $3 After Mail-In Rebate!        

We’re confident that you’ll love Blue Rhino, so here’s a money-saving offer to get you started! The next time you need gas for your propane appliance, just print out this coupon and follow these instructions:
  1. Purchase a Blue Rhino propane tank, with or without exchanging an empty tank, at a participating Blue Rhino retail outlet by 12/31/13.
  2. Print coupon (from link above) and complete it in its entirety.
  3. Return completed original form, original receipt, and original proof of purchase from package in a stamped envelope to the following address before 1/30/14: Blue Rhino Tank Exchange Rebate, Offer 35323, P.O. Box 6075, Douglas, AZ 85655-6075.

The Proof of Purchase can be found on the Blue Rhino package, to the left of the Blue Rhino logo along the bottom. Simply cut it out along the dotted line as shown and include it with your submission. Be sure to retain the rest of the package, as it provides valuable safety information. Here’s what the proof of purchase looks like:

For rebate status, visit