Hot Tubs & Spas
PDC Spas offers a diverse line of hot tubs, swim spas and fitness spas with unparalleled quality and wellness benefits. Dedicated to manufacturing advanced hydrotherapy products, our products are designed to reduce stress and improve your health, ultimately delivering a better quality of life in the privacy of your home. Each hot tub, fitness spa and swim spa model is meticulously engineered combining comfort features and performance technology to provide a full range of immediate and long-term health benefits. PDC Spas offers a wide variety of sizes and features to ensure the best hot tub, swim spa and fitness spa for you and your home. Made in the USA from start to finish for over 60 years, PDC Spas is proud to be the most trusted name in the spa industry.

  • Luxury Bali

    From the moment you step into your new Bali hot tub, you'll understand why it remains one of the world's most sought after luxury hot tub spas.¬† Every inch of the Bali has been meticulously designed with your total relaxation in mind.¬† From its spacious seating for seven, to its 143 strategically-positioned therapeutic hot tub jets, you'll be immersed in a state of absolute bliss while the worries and cares of the day instantly vanish with each wave of leading-edge hydrotherapy. Stretch out in the Captain's Chair and unwind as¬†70 hydrotherapy hot tub jets and 73 spa air massage jets rejuvenate overworked muscles and tense minds.¬† For even greater relaxation, add the optional SoundStream™ audio system with SpaCoustic™¬†speakers to your hot tub spa for an unparalleled level of relaxation. Whether it's a relaxing evening with the family, a romantic escape with your loved one, or some well-deserved time for just yourself, the Bali¬†from PDC Spas is the pinnacle of what a luxury hot tub should be.
  • Premium Barbados

    Welcoming and inviting, the Barbados offers the perfect mix of size, performance and industry-leading innovations. The spacious Barbados is meant to be shared with family and friends, with its square design that spans 7‚Äô 10‚ÄĚ on each side, wide, open seating for seven and a private recliner style corner seat. A total of 62 optimally-positioned hydrotherapy jets target troublesome muscle groups to alleviate the aches and stress of even the most demanding day.¬† All hot tubs in the Premium series feature the patented stainless steel Reflections jetting™. Control spa-side from the in.k500 digital controller or simply turn to adjust or relocate the jet face to your desired seat for a custom massage without ever leaving your seat.
  • Luxury Biscayne

    Customers who choose the Biscayne¬†luxury hot tub have exquisite taste.¬† Every inch of the Biscayne¬†has been tailored to unite the health benefits of hydrotherapy with the unparalleled serenity that can only come from a PDC Spas luxury hot tub.¬† With a wide rectangle design that measures 90" x 79", the Biscayne generously seats up to five (5) adults.¬† A no-float lounge seat with additional foot jets further enhances the Biscayne's unparalleled comfort, the four contoured chairs with arm rests complete this top of the line luxury hot tub. Providing the hydrotherapeutic escape are¬†96 jets, including 66 hydrotherapy jets and¬†30 Air'assage™ jets that work wonders on sore muscles and overworked minds.¬† Whether enjoying a deep muscle hydro massage on your own or unwinding with family or friends the Biscayne unites state-of-the-art hot tub innovations with award-winning design built exclusively around your needs.
  • Premium Carmel

    The Carmel premium hot tub from PDC Spas is the perfect union of advanced space saving design and industry leading hot tub technology, for an experience that will forever change the way you view hydrotherapy.¬† A compact rectangle design spans 84" x 60" with a depth of 33" making it the ideal getaway for up to three full-size adults. The seating arrangement features a reversible lounge, as well as two contoured chairs with deep bucket seating. The Carmel may be smaller in stature but that does not take away from its power and performance hot tub features.¬† With 28 adjustable hydrotherapy jets at your command, PDC Spas makes it possible to relieve tension and enjoy the health and wellness benefits of warm water massage even in more confined spaces. Every Carmel hot tub comes standard with premium upgrades including, but not limited to,¬†PowerFlo™ filtration, TemperLok™ heat trapping design¬†and Prism™ LED Lighting to complement your experience.
  • Premium Catalina

    Immerse yourself in the warm waters of the Catalina. Enjoy a variety of seating, with room for five including a deep seated lounger fit with wrist and foot massage jets. With a wide rectangle design that measures 90" x 79", the Catalina allows you to relax in high style as armrests and 54 targeted hydrotherapy jets ease muscle tension and stress creating the ultimate backyard retreat. When you're shopping for an affordable hot tub that offers comfort, performance and elegance, nothing compares to the Catalina hot tub from PDC Spas. Drift away with the soothing ambiance of Prism LED underwater lighting and cascading waterspouts, standard on all Premium series spas.
  • Premium Denali

    The Denali features 7 spacious seats and that¬†is just the beginning.¬† The true potential of the Denali hot tub is¬†fully appreciated when immersed in its¬†61 strategically mounted hydrotherapy jets. Seven seats offer a variety of choices when it comes to hydrotherapy massage, each seat is sure to make your worries and stress melt away. When it comes to features there's nothing standard about this member of our popular¬†Premium Series.¬† We've included performance upgrades such as PowerFlo™ filtration, stainless steel Reflections jetting, and TemperLok™ insulation for a hot tub experience unlike so many to precede it.
  • Luxury Fiji

    A large design with seating for six and a¬†long list of standard luxury features, the Fiji¬†luxury hot tub is a wonderfully relaxing way to enhance your home as well as your health.¬† Measuring 94"¬†on all sides, the Fiji¬†was specifically designed to provide ample space and a host of luxury and comfort features.¬† Its six seats include¬†three contoured bucket seats, one lounge, one captain's chair and an open bucket seat; perfectly suitable for groups, couples or individuals. From the digital control center, you and your very lucky guests can power on the Fiji's strategically designed orchestra of 115 jets.¬† This includes a total of¬†71 hydrotherapy jets in addition to¬†44 dedicated air'assage™ jets for soothing circulating relief.¬† Step in, get comfortable, and experience the difference that PDC Spas brings to every hot tub. Like all Luxury¬†series hot tubs from PDC Spas the Fiji¬†comes with an impressive list of standard upgrades.¬† Enhance your experience by adding SoundStream™ to stream music from any Bluetooth¬ģ enabled device¬†or shed new light on your experience with the¬†Allure2™ premium hot tub light upgrade.
  • Premium Freeport

    The Freeport hot tub from PDC Spas is a surprisingly affordable hot tub with ample seating in a perfectly symmetrical square design, measuring 94‚ÄĚ square with a max depth of 3'3" at the center. An innovative seating layout includes a total of six seats, comprised of 4 ergonomically designed open seats, a wide full-length contoured lounger that's wonderful for stretching out and a captain‚Äôs chair. Each seat wraps your body with superb hydrotherapy action as 61 therapy jets release stress and melt tension from neck to toe. The Freeport is loaded with performance upgrades and comfort features for an experience that is¬†unmatched. Standard features include PowerFlo™ filtration, Prism LED lighting, 2 lit cascading waterspouts and hydrotherapy stainless steel Reflections¬†jetting™.
  • Space Conscious, Fitness Minded

    So many features in this space saving 15‚Äô swim spa model. Full body hydrotherapy from 36 Reflection Jets™ in stainless finish, and high powered Elite Pro™ jets delivering just the right amount of water resistance for your aquatic fitness goals. Highlights Lighting™, 6 cascading water spouts, finished in a very vogue M Series™ cabinet and you have a swim spa others envy.
  • Lights, Power, Action and Results

    Designed for compact locations, most any deck, patio, sunroom or garage, this full featured FX15s swim spa model fits into your home and lifestyle. Measuring 15‚Äô, this space conscious design offers the home fitness and relaxation you deserve. Underwater LED lighting, cascading water spouts, 20 shiny Reflections Jets™ for full body hydrotherapy, and 2 powerful Elite Pro™ fitness jets all standard with the FX15s.
  • Renew, Relax and Repeat!

    With the touch of a button, the Elite Pro™ jets quietly, and fully adjustable, offer a fitness stream for a rewarding water workout. With the included AquaCross™ tether trainer, swim, run, or jog. You choose the best routine for you and your goals. After your fitness session, relax those tired muscles with 36 hydrotherapy jets, soothing the entire body.
  • Fitness to the Max

    No limit to the fitness opportunities with the FX19 swim spa‚Äôs unmatched 160‚ÄĚ of open barrier-free fitness area. Whether you are an athlete in training or a fitness enthusiast, or simply seeking a healthier lifestyle, look no further. Swim, jog, lift weights, strengthen your core, and finish your workout with a relaxing hydrotherapy massage.
  • Too Good to be True?

    Not with the dual zone Synergy Series FX219 model! A full size 5 seat hot tub plus a spacious swim spa in one. You choose to enjoy both zones or separately, anytime, any season.
  • Swim Spa and Hot Tub in One!

    The dual zone FX219s offers a full featured 5 seat hot tub and a spacious swim spa in one unit! You decide to operate both zones at once, or only the hot tub or only the swim spa depending on the season and your lifestyle. Side entry steps assure an open barrier-free fitness space measuring an impressive 118‚ÄĚ. Swim, run, jog, lift weights or just simply relax under a starry sky. There is something for everyone in this multi-use dual zone swim spa.
  • Luxury Malibu

    A wave of relaxation greets you in the perfectly sized Malibu. Designed to cradle all figures comfortably, the uniquely sloped lounge and four body hugging seats let you unwind in style. Enjoy full body relief with mindfully placed armrests and¬†therapy jets for your neck, shoulder, back, hip and calf muscles. Every Malibu hot tub comes standard with premium upgrades, including PowerFlo™ filtration, TemperLok™ heat trapping and Halo™ LED Lighting to complement your experience
  • LifeStyle Mirage

    Compact yet powerful, the Mirage hot tub from PDC Spas is perfect for those seeking relief and relaxation even in the most confined spaces.  With spacious seating for up to three adults, the Mirage features a rectangle design complete with two facing bucket seats in addition to a full lounge for stretching out and getting comfortable.  This affordable luxury hot tub measures 7' x 5' with a depth of 2'9" making it ideal for use in smaller homes, patios or gazebos. If you are shopping for a hot tub that unites the perfect balance of luxury, value and affordability the Mirage from PDC Spas LifeStyle Series is one you'll be proud to own for many years.
  • Premium Monterey

    Escape into a cove of comfort with the deep curves and 86‚ÄĚ square design of the Monterey, featuring a variety of seating options to accommodate a wide spectrum of relaxation needs. The embodiment of style and serenity, this handcrafted haven has four contoured seats with armrests and a sculpted lounge designed to exceed even the highest expectations.

    Once comfortably seated, prepare to be enveloped by a masterfully positioned arsenal of 56 therapy jets; neck, feet and everything in between is soothed and pampered to ease tensions. Adjust the jets to the position of your preference for a hydrotherapeutic experience that will benefit your health, all while helping you forget the woes of a stressful world.

  • LifeStyle Mystic

    If you've been searching for a luxury hot tub offering the right combination of style, seating and advanced hydrotherapy features, the Mystic is a wonderful solution for any home.  With a large, square design that spans 7'9" each side, the Mystic hot tub from PDC Spas is perfect for larger families or those who regularly entertain guests.  A uniquely designed seating arrangement provides plenty of room for six, including five contoured buckets and a full length lounge. For your hydrotherapeutic pleasures, the Mystic has been designed with a total of 53 stainless steel trimmed spa jets to ease tensions and reinvigorate those tired, aching muscles.  Enjoy targeted relief while sitting in one of the five contoured spa seats or escape to a state of complete bliss with a deep stretch from the captain's lounge.
  • Luxury Reno

    One of PDC Spas' most prestigious and popular hot tubs, the Reno¬†luxury hot tub spa features a square design with spacious seating that can accommodate up to six.¬† It measures a commanding 7'2" on all¬†sides, which provides the perfect amount of space for the Reno's six seats.¬† This includes three deep-contoured buckets, two extended lounge seats, and an extra-wide bucket seat. You power on the jets, everything changes, as the surge of targeted jets massage and soothe away aches you didn't even realize existed.¬†¬†With an uncompromising 66 hydrotherapy jets and over 50 air massage jets, the Reno¬†is what lesser hot tubs aspire to be. Among its many standard premium features are MotionGlow™ hot tub lighting, Cascading water spouts, TemperLok™ insulation and a 35-year structural warranty.¬† Get even more from your Reno hot tub by adding features such as SoundStream™ music, in-Touch wireless or in-Clear Sanitation systems.
  • LifeStyle Seasons

    Regardless of whether you're enjoying family night under the stars or entertaining a group of friends during your next backyard party, the Seasons hot tub from PDC Spas is a perfectly soothing addition to virtually any setting.¬† It offers ample seating for five and features an 82‚ÄĚ square design.¬† A full-length lounge seat stretches the length of the spa and is¬†complemented by 4 adjacent contoured bucket seats. Unwind and escape as 43 powerful stainless steel hydrotherapy spa jets ease away the days stress and tension.¬† To ensure the most enjoyable experience the Seasons hot tub comes standard with premium spa features that include TemperLok™ Insulation, Reflections™ Stainless Jetting, and MotionGlow™¬†hot tub lighting.